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Server start!

Now there is a problem with the geodata on the server, which requires funds, we will fix it soon, sorry.

Play now! We opened :D

I am glad to inform you about the opening of a new Interlude x6 Server, for a comfortable game without wipes! We are constantly working on the server and taking into account all the wishes of the players, you can send ideas for improving the server to telegram
on the site!
Have a nice day!

About server:

Lineage II: Chronicle 6 Interlude - Client:

Download client Interlude and add Lineold.rar files to him, for play!

Low level quests are disabled for better server performance!

Server Rate Exp|SP x6 (party *x2); Adena x5 Drop|Spoil x4; RB EXP|SP|Drop x2; Epic x1; Enchant +3|+20; Enchant chanse Weapon 100%|50%; Armour 100%|40%; Jawel 100%|40%. Server have buffer/gm shop/class manager.

Sub-class witholt quest, for nooble need only kill RB. .Menu > Остановить опыт (Block exp.) - Вкл (On)/Вкл(Off). .offline shop price 100k adena!

100% Interlude! No custom item!